Best 12 tips to consider before making an e-commerce website

With the up-gradation of technology, everything sounds handy. The evolution in this field you get an opportunity to work and develop your own market platform and start to enlarge your commercial idea or you can say an e-commerce website with an effortless process.

I am listing and introducing a few steps which will lead your e-commerce website to success. All your prerequisite is to plan the things accordingly and go through the list given below step by step.

List of things to do before creating an e-commerce website:

1. Product idea

Initially, you need to start by picking the products in which you want to deal with. Also, keep in mind that the selected product should fruitful in all aspects which you consider like it must be a winning product, its requirement in the geographical area, and most importantly it’s availability around you.

While starting an eCommerce website you particularly need to focus on this step and need to make a wise choice for your future growth.

2. Specifying the business idea

In this step, we need to need to select the business idea for i.e. whether we are going for drop shipping or e-commerce.

To state a minor difference — in drop shipping, you need to find a vendor for direct marketing whereas in e-commerce you are required to stock up inventory.

3. Target audience

After selecting the product next aspect is to choose and focus on your customer bandwidth. In this, you need to have an idea of the target’s age group, the geographical region, and the sector to which they belong. This helps in providing appropriate content to your customer.

4. Monetization- budget/ profit/ price

This is an important step as it helps to give financial support to your whole step up. Not only this here you also need to pay attention to the pricing of products and other money-based functionalities of your e-Commerce website in such an order through which you can collect a handful of profit.

5. How to reach customer/ shipping

In this step of e-commerce website making, we need to wisely choose-

~ A reasonable and effective mode of shipping.

~ Select after considering and reviewing, rating based on service provides in the various geographical area.

~ Its functioning reliability and its’ terms-conditions.

6. Order management

It’s the most critical step as in this you interact with both customer and vendor. In this process of e-commerce website designing we look to- How the customer will place an order, collection of the order from a vendor, and then further its delivery method, dispatching process, tracking and at last also have to keep a check of return policies.

7. Business tactics

In this, you need to gather ideas about promoting your e-commerce website and increasing its reach. Basically here, you have to plan your strategies for outreaching to the customer base. For instance, affiliated marketing, email marketing, Google, and Facebook advertisements.

8. Customer support

In this step of e-commerce website designing, you particularly need to plan how will you resolve customer inquiries and issues.

9. Business policies

Under this step of e-commerce website making, we need to lay down various policies like-

~ Return policy

~ Privacy policy

~ Terms of services

And other essential e-commerce policies.

10. Domain name and registration

After gathering all important information and having a Plan of execution you should move forward with the naming of the e-commerce website and thereby, checking and buying the required domain and proceeding with the registration of the firm.

11. Platform to sell

In this step, you need to start evaluating various available platforms and make the catalog of most suitable a handy platform for your e-commerce website to make a wise selection of the platform for selling your firm’s articles.

12. Designing and content selection

After reaching this stage you need to prepare a rough design of the user interface. As every e-commerce website demands a unique design and interactive interface. Also, jot down the required content to be displayed on the website.

So far you came across some of the curtail steps which you need to follow before designing your e-commerce website. Other than these you need to pay attention to some of the things which you should never do-

What not to do:

~ Don’t Be a Pantagonist (deal in your niche only)

~ Don’t List services you can’t provide

~ Don’t Think to scale eCommerce website to early

~ Don’t hurry to choose the payment gateway (make a wise decision)

~ Don’t overlook the SEO ratings

You need to make a wise choice by investing the right amount of time on every step-in sequence as categorized and thereby, give a successful start in making your e-commerce website. These are some important step as it can help to expand your business boundaries. These steps of the execution process can determine the success of your upcoming online e-commerce website venture.

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