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What is counting sort?

Counting sort is a sorting algorithm, which can be used for sorting objects depending on the key values which are small in numbers. It stores the count of similar key values in some data structures like an array. The counting sort algorithm is primarily used when the range of the key values is not so big(difference between the minimum and maximum values), otherwise, it may lead to an increase in the space complexity.



Working of counting sort depends on 4 steps:

Rang (value of k): From the given array find the minimum and maximum value of the array. For finding…

With the up-gradation of technology, everything sounds handy. The evolution in this field you get an opportunity to work and develop your own market platform and start to enlarge your commercial idea or you can say an e-commerce website with an effortless process.

I am listing and introducing a few steps which will lead your e-commerce website to success. All your prerequisite is to plan the things accordingly and go through the list given below step by step.

List of things to do before creating an e-commerce website:

1. Product idea

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